Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic presents:

A Day of Talks on Halloween Past & Present

To celebrate the 2016 exhibition Glitter Gravedust
October 15 2016 at The Wellington Hotel, Boscastle, Cornwall
10am - 4.30pm

Key note speaker Ronald Hutton "The History of Halloween"

With papers by:

Mogg Morgan "Sky Religion in Ancient Egypt: Halloween?"

Dorothy L. Abrams "Ancestor Ritual at Samhain"

Bekki Shining Bearheart “Witches, Shamans and Ancestors, OH MY!”

Tommy Kuusela “How to learn magic by going on a year walk”

Louise Fenton “Trick and Tourist Treat: Halloween in New Orleans”
Judith Noble “Beyond Halloween”

Entertainment from 8pm. Tickets £25. Price includes admission to conference, evening entertainment, as well as entry to the Museum on Saturday or Sunday. Places are limited and pre-payment is essential to book your place.
Ways to pay:
By paypal. Our paypal account is:
Please put ‘Halloween’ as an Instruction/Reference.
By card: phone the Museum on 01840 250 111 and complete the transaction using a credit or debit card.
By cash: pop into the Museum and pay at the counter.
By cheque: send a cheque made payable to Museum of Witchcraft to our address: the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, the Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0HD.
Any issues, email the Museum:

We recommend that attendees book their rooms directly with the Wellington.

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