Minutes & Documents

Minutes of the 2015 Annual general Meeting of the Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft, 7th November 2015, Wellington Hotel, Boscastle.

Present: Julian Vayne (Chair), Judith Noble (Secretary), Mark Norman (Treasurer), Emma Chopping (Membership Secretary), Nick Miller, Jane Cox, Gemma Gary, Steve Patterson, Jason Karl, Adele and Roger Yeomans, Chris and Amethyst Chopping, Ben Verhaevert, Eve Salthouse, Jan Ensor, Jo O’Cleirigh, Dawn Cowin, Pip McFarlane, Jane McEwen, Paul Ferbrache, John Wait, Sara Kobuszko, Andrew Nott, Gillian Nott, Mariya Limerick, Elaine Bailey, Hannah Fox, Wayne freeman, Peter Brough, Maia Miller, Paul Howse, Joyce Froome, Helen Cornish, Rory Te’Tigo, Louise Fenton, Kerriann Godwin, Deborah Westmancoat, Tracey Norman, Peter Grey, Alkistis Dimech, Laurence Brightman, Karen and Jay Moore, Hannah Stevens, Louise and Phil Whitehouse.
In attendance: Simoln Costin (Museum Director), Peter Hewitt (Museum Manager)

1.    Apologies for Absence: Lizzie Atkins, Adele Alexander, Brigitte Ariel, Connie and Bob Berry, Ros Draper, Evelyn and John Hall, Jemma Hamilton, Paula McBride, Sylvia Statham, Wendy Trevennor, Phil and Sian Wheeler, keth Yardy

2.     Peter Brough and Jane McKewan had been present. Minutes of 2014 AGM approved (proposed Maia Miller, seconded  Adele Yeomans)  

3.    Matters arising (not covered elsewhere in the agenda): none.

4.    Chair’s report (Julian Vayne) 2015 had been a year of consolidation. The new trustees had settled in and were beginning to use their new skills. We changed the format of the AGM in order to allow more discussion and debates amongst members. We bought a new PA for Museum to use. We invested £3000 in the new website. A donation had been received of £1000 from PF Devon and Cornwall to conserve and make accessible the PF local archive; JV thanked PF, Maia and Judith who had donated the local archive material. JV reported the sad deaths of Mike Howard and Jon Day. Mike Howard’s contribution to the Museum had been immense and both are sadly missed.

5.    Secretary’s report (Judith Noble). Judith reported that our BAFM membership continues and includes very useful public liability insurance. In addition to the routine preparation of paperwork for the AGM and trustees’ meetings, she has overseen the transfer of the Pagan Federation’s national archives to the Museum and has donated her own PF Devon and Cornwall archive to the Museum. This covers the period 1992- 2010 and includes not only material pertaining to the PF’s local work but also a sizeable collection of material about the 1999 solar eclipse.

6.    Membership secretary’s report (Emma Chopping – circulated). EC thanked Friends for renewing their membership and welcomed new Friends. It was gratifying to see that Friends really understood that our mission is to support the Museum

7.    Treasurer’s report (Mark Norman). Compiling accounts had been difficult and challenging because of protracted difficulties in changing signatories etc on the CAF bank account. He is now working as a priority on GiftAid registration. We are looking forward to a period of greater simplicity in accounting and reporting over the next 12 months. JN proposed a vote of thanks to mark for all his hard work, seconded Jason Karl.

Accounts: The accounts were circulated. The accounts were approved (Proposed:  Emma Chopping,  seconded: Kerriann Godwin)

Subscription rate for 2016: subscription rates will remain the same. Proposed:  Kerriann Godwin, Seconded: Nick Miller)

8.    Newsletter, publicity and website report (Jane Cox and Gemma Gary)
Jane and Gemma are working to improve the newsletter; they encouraged the membership to write content for newsletter. GG gave a talk about the Museum in Norwich which garnered a lot of good feedback. Friends’ website is very well visited and will be rebuilt in the coming year. JV suggested members might wish to write for the newsletter about their favourite objects in the Museum collection.

9.    Museum Director’s report (to be circulated)

10.  Fundraising activities for the coming year: JN suggested that Friends might want to make a major donation to the Museum in memory of Mike Howard. JV suggested digitising the content of the Museum’s collection of The Cauldron, but it was possible this might present major copyright issues. It was unanimously agreed that we would discuss with the Museum and find an appropriate way of remembering Mike.
 JV reported that a Heritage Lottery bid was being prepared by Friends for digitising some aspects of the Museum’s collection. This project is at an early stage. Hannah Fox reported that the Museum is doing a photographing objects project which Friends are supporting. Mark Norman reported on the new Poems of Witchcraft and Magic CD which has been released today to support the Museum. Mark would welcome help from individual members in promoting this. JV asked members to promote Friends’ activities via social media. Roger Yeomans asked if Friends might start a Facebook page. Elaine Bailey raised the idea of more Wheel of The Year celebrations based on the success of the Museum’s Halloween event. Hannah Fox said Friends might volunteer to organise these to support the Museum’s staff. Volunteers welcome, especially for May Day and Midsummer. Hannah Fox suggested paying someone to work on putting the PF archive into mylar sleeves. Simon suggested commissioning a condition report on the collection; JV felt this would be a very good project for Friends to fund. JN reminded members that Friends can contribute to a wide range of Museum projects and activities. SC also mentioned that the Museum might also need help with the costs of new shelving. Proposed we commission a condition report (prop Belgian mans, seconded Deborah Westmancoat). Agreed unanimously.

11.  AOB: Ben Verhaevert suggested more international activities and promotion outside the UK. He suggested we should have more links with PF International. There was a general discussion of the potential and opportunities of more international links for both the Museum and Friends. JN suggested international ambassadors. Joyce Froome suggested using Friends’ newsletter to promote Friends internationally.

12.  Date and place of next AGM: Saturday 12th November 2016, Wellington Hotel, Boscastle. The May event will be held on 14th May 2016.


Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft, hled at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle on 8th November 2014

Present: Nick Miller (Acting Chair), Judith Noble, (Secretary), Richard Hatch (Treasurer), Emma Chopping (Membership Secretary), Julian Vayne (Education, Vicki Aiano, Ruth Aitken, Adele Alexander, Elaine Bailey, Mark and Alison Beer, Connie and Bob Berry, Laura Burton, Tabitha Cadbury, Lucy Cooper, Helen Cornish, Jane Cox, Gemma Gary, Dawn Cowin, Ros Draper, Paul Ferbrache, Adrienne Frayne, Kerriann Godwin, nettie Hibbert, Mike Howard, Jason Karl, Sara Kobuszko, Nathan and Gypsy Leaver, Mariya Limerick, Paula McBride, Lizzie Atkins, Maia Miller, Donna Moors, Andrew and Gillian Knott, Steve Patterson, Binkie Andrews, Jenny Porrett, Patrick Garden, Michael Randell, Carol Robinson, Eve Salthouse, Peter Grey, Alkistis Dimech, Jenny Sercombe, Amanda and Rob Symons, Rory Te’Tigo, Wendy Trevennor, Deborah Westmancoat, Ian Wilson, Rachel Wyburn, Roger and Adele Yeomans.

In attendance: Simon Costin, Peter Hewitt, Hannah Fox, Joyce Froome (Museum staff)

1. Apologies for absence were received from: Fiona MacDonald, Ben Verhaevert, Steph Woodier, Mary Clacy, Mark and Tracey Norman, Jemma Hamilton, David Shalom, John and Evelyn hall, Jose and Pia Maynard, Jo O’Cleirigh.

2. The minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting were approved as a true and correct record. Proposed Julian Vayne, seconded Maia Miller*

3. The minutes of the Special general meeting held on 10th August 2014 were approved as a true and correct record. Proposed Maia Miller, seconded Nettie Hibbert.

4. There were no matters arising from the 2013 AGM and 2014 SGM minutes.

5. Acting Chair’s report: Nick Miller outlined the proceedings of the 2014 SGM (detailed fully in the minutes) and thanked all the members who had attended on a busy August Saturday. A book sale of duplicate books donated to the Museum held at the SGM had raised £110 for the Museum and members had been able to have a preview of the collection of Gerald Gardner’s daggers which had recently been donated to the Museum by Patricia Crowther. He also thanked Maia Miller for her help in securing an accessible venue for the meeting at short notice He had taken over as Chair from Deborah Westmancoat, who had resigned unexpectedly in July. He also reported that project Open Sesame had been successfully concluded, that all the doors were now installed in the Museum and that feedback to date had been very positive. Nick thanked Jane Cox for her help in counting the cash from the Museum cash box which had raised £718.62 since the May event. He also thanked Maia Miller and Lizzie Atkins for running the raffle, and the stallholders and others for donating prizes. The raffle had raised £150. Nick concluded his report by thanking Deborah for her work as Chair. Deborah was presented with a gift by the meeting.

6. Secretary’s report: Judith Noble reported that her work had primarily involved organising the paperwork for the AGM and SGM, and had overseen the formal donation of the Pagan Federation’s archive to the Museum. She regretted that ill health over the summer had prevented her from undertaking more work for Friends. She was pleased to note that there had been a very positive response to the call for new trustees and was looking forward to working with the new people when they were elected.

7. Membership secretary’s report: Emma Chopping circulated her report (attached with these minutes). We currently had 270 members. She thanked the members for their continued support.

8. Education report: Julian Vayne reported that there had been over 9000 views of the online education project and that Judith Hewitt had recently created teachers’ notes which had been uploaded to the site. Julian was working with a local secondary school in North Devon which was using the Education Resource; as a result 260 children were using the site to learn about the Bideford Witches.

9. Treasurer’s report: Richard Hatch circulated his report. We currently have £3822 in the bank, not including funds donated today. Richard then presented the 2013-14 year end accounts to the meeting. These were approved (proposed: Wendy Trevennor, seconded: Adele Yeomans). The Acting Chair reported to the meeting that Richard would be standing down due to family circumstances. All present wished to thank Richard for his sterling work as Treasurer. He was presented with a gift.

10. Subscription rates for 2015: Nick Miller proposed that subscription rates would remain unchanged for 2015; seconded Richard Hatch. Approved nem.con.

11. Museum Director’s report: Simon Costin thanked Friends for their fundraising activities over the last year. Key issues had been improving access to the Museum and purchasing new computers. The Museum was also changing its name to “The Museum Of Witchcraft And Magic”. This had been one of the early names (if not the original one) which Cecil Williamson had used for the Castletown Museum. Maia Miller asked if this meant that Friends would need to change its name. The secretary replied that this would be a cumbersome process as we are a charity and would not really be necessary at this time. We could take a view on this in future if things changed. As a result the Museum would be having a complete re-branding. Simon asked Friends if they would consider supporting the complete re-design of the Museum website as a fundraising project for 2015.This work was urgently needed as the site was now very out of date and kept on several different servers. Julian Vayne noted that the Museum’s catalogue was available 100% on line; that this was a vital research tool; that the Museum had done this very early on in Graham’s ownership; that it was a very significant achievement and that many major regional and national museums with resources far greater than ours still had no significant on-line catalogue. Simon said that the total cost of re-designing the website would be about £7.500. It was agreed that Friends would take this on as our major fundraising project for 2015 (proposed: Kerriann Godwin; seconded Deborah Westmancoat) It was also suggested that members might like to think of a name for this project. Simon wished to thank all the Museum staff and also Deborah and Kerriann for their work over the year.

12. Election and re-election of trustees: Richard Hatch took the Chair for this item as Nick Miller was standing for re-election. As there were eight people standing for election and nine places available, a secret ballot was not required. Each candidate made a short presentation to the meeting and was then proposed as a trustee. All the candidates were approved nem. Con. As follows:

Julian Vayne (Chair elect): proposed Judith Noble, seconded Nick Miller

Judith Noble (secretary): proposed Julian Vayne, seconded Emma Chopping

Mark Norman (Treasurer; in absentia): proposed Tracey Norman, seconded Emma Chopping

Nick Miller (Vice Chair): proposed Judith Noble, seconded Emma Chopping

Jason Karl: proposed Judith Noble, seconded Julian Vayne

Jane Cox: proposed Gemma Gary, seconded Judith Noble

Gemma Gary: proposed Jane Cox, seconded Julian Vayne

Steve Patterson: proposed Binky Andrews, seconded Judith Noble.

Gemma Gary and Jane Cox would be continuing to run the Friends’ website and would take over the production of the newsletter.
Julian Vayne took the Chair at this point and was welcome by the meeting as the new Chair of Friends.

13. Any other business: Gypsy Leaver asked to discuss the recent changes at the Museum. She was concerned as to whether the Museum would continue to provide access and involvement for its long term users and supporters, especially those in the local Pagan communities. Julian Vayne said that this was a very valid point as Pagans were the core of the Museum’s community of interest. He felt it was important for Friends to keep making this point to the Museum. Steve Patterson and Simon Costin agreed. Ian Wilson agreed with the points Gypsy had made and said that he felt pushed aside by the new regime at the Museum and rather alienated. Simon Costin reminded members that this was a bedding in period for the new owner and staff and that the Museum was in a constant state of evolution. It had no intention of ignoring its core community of interest but it was always important to remember that the 50,000 people who visited the Museum this year provided the funds that kept it open and that their needs had to be addressed as well. Dawn Cowin asked what had happened about the responses to the online questionnaire. Members had taken a lot of time to fill this in but she had not seen any detailed feedback. Judith Noble made it clear that the questionnaire had been a Museum project, not a Friends one, but that Friends had circulated it to the membership. She apologise of anyone found this confusing, but friends had wanted to help the Museum get the questionnaire to as many people as possible. It was therefore up to the Museum (rather than Friends) to provide a full report on this but she hoped the Museum would make it available for the next editions of the Friends’ newsletter, given members’ interest in it. Dawn also pointed out that she had offered volunteer help to the Museum in her response to the questionnaire but had received no reply. Jane McKewan said the difference between Friends and the Museum was not always clear, especially to new members. Judith Noble clarified this: Friends was an independent charity, registered by the Charity Commission and operating as a public organisation within charity law. Its purpose was to raise funds to support the Museum through conserving and extending the collections, through special projects and through education and outreach work. Volunteer fundraising work by members, whether for specific projects such as Open Sesame, or for individual donations. This support was always welcome; members should let trustees know in advance wherever possible about fundraising activities so that we could support them properly. She offered to write an article outlining what Friends did for the next newsletter, so that this would be clear to everyone.

Hannah Fox (Museum staff member) clarified the position further. All practical volunteering work at the Museum was managed direct by the Museum itself (not by Friends) and any offers of help with volunteering (cataloguing and archival work were particularly useful) should be made direct to the Museum. She also pointed out that Peter and Judith Hewitt (Museum Managers) had only taken up their posts in May; that it had been a massive learning curve for them and that there had been a huge amount of work for them to do in a very busy and successful summer season with a record number of visitors at the Museum. Organising a new volunteer register was high on their list of future priorities.

Julian Vayne thanked the meeting for a very helpful discussion on these issues and that without active, engaged members, Friends would be nothing. He said that the trustees of Friends would ensure that all these matters were addressed with the Museum.

Mike Howard asked if there would be a May event in 2015. Judith Noble explained that the May event had been started several years previously by Kerriann Godwin and Steve Patterson, and that it was organised by the Museum rather than by Friends. Simon Costin said that he hoped it would be possible to organise something and that he would ensure members were kept informed.

14. Date and place of next Annual General Meeting: Saturday 7th November 2015 at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle.

*All decisions at the meeting were approved nem. con.


Minutes of the Special General Meeting of the Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft, held at Whiddon Down Village Hall on Sunday, 10th August 2014.

Present: Richard Hatch (Treasurer), Judith Noble (Secretary), Emma Chopping (Membership Secretary), Nick Miller (Vice Chair), Lizzie Atkins, Maia Miller, Jane Cox, Gemma Gary, Peter Morris, Rhiannon Morris, Philip Wheeler, Sian Holland, Sara Kobuszko, Paul Ferbrache, Maggie Brocklehurst, Mark Brocklehurst, Luna Silver, Mark Silver, Elaine Bailey, Peter Brough, Gemma Nickalls, Sian Holland

1. Apologies: Julian Vayne, Deborah Westmancoat, Mike Howard, Hayley Potter, Fiona MacDonald, Richard Walker, Dave Munday, Mark Hewitt, Steph Woodier, Ros Draper, Jason Karl, Jenny Parry, Gareth Wheeler, Alan Grimsditch, Gillian Knott, Connie and Bob Berry, Sarah Furmanis, Adele Alexander, Jemma Hamilton, Michael Clarke, Andrea Bierwith, Alison and Mark Beer, Mary Clacy, Jane Griffiths, Anne-Marie and Reg Cranton, David Shalom, Jeremy Heath, Dawn Cowin, Ben Verhaevert, Sylvia Statham, Jo O’Cleirigh, Jacquie Barr, Pamela Newman, Christine Weatherley, Adrienne Frayne. Nikki Hatch, Vanessa and Gerry Greenslade.

Richard Hatch took the chair (pending the re-election of Nick Miller)

2. Correspondence

The Chair read out a letter from Julian Vayne, presenting his apologies and indicating his willingness to stand for re-election as a trustee.

3. Re-election of lapsed trustees

The election of lapsed trustees took place as follows:

Nick Miller, proposed Richard Hatch, seconded Maia Miller, re-elected nem con.

Judith Noble, proposed Richard Hatch, seconded Lizzie Atkins, re-elected nem con.

Julian Vayne, proposed Richard Hatch, seconded Elaine Bailey, re-elected nem con.

Nick Miller took the chair at this point.

4. Resignation of Chair

Richard Hatch read the letter of resignation (as Chair and trustee) from Deborah Westmancoat. The Chair thanked Deborah on behalf of the meeting for all her work for Friends as Chair and trustee.

Richard Hatch informed the meeting that he would be standing down as treasurer at the AGM due to pressing family commitments. The Chair thanked Richard on behalf of the meeting.

5. Thanks and closing remarks

The Chair thanked the members for attending the meeting and also thanked his fellow trustees for their work in organising the meeting.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 8th November at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle. Members were reminded that there will be a number of vacancies for trustees, to be elected at that meeting. Members who wish to stand as trustees were welcome to seek information about what is involved from the Chair or Secretary. We will particularly be seeking candidates for the post of treasurer who have appropriate financial management experience.

Minutes of the meeting of the trustees of the Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft held on 15th September 2013 at the Museum of Witchcraft

Present: Deborah Westmancoat, Judith Noble, Nick Miller, Kerriann Godwin, Richard Hatch

In attendance: Emma Chopping

Apologies: Julian Vayne

1. the minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. matters arising: none

3. Chair’s report: DW had spent the last three months assisting re the two major projects and liaising with the Museum. It had been agreed that production of membership leaflets would henceforth be considered as an ongoing admin costs and would not require a decision from trustees, subject to funds being available. Had worked with the treasurer to set up the online payment system. This meeting will focus on the organisation and conduct at the AGM.

4. Secretary’s report: JH reported that she had been assisting NM with project Open Sesame and that the BAFM SW conference had been cancelled.

5. Treasurer’s report: A small amendment was needed to the 2012-13 accounts to reflect an increase in Paypal payments. These had not been delineated by Paypal into subscriptions and donations, so RH was intending to treat the entire payment as subscriptions, if further details could not be gleaned from the subscription database. RH will need to register online for Gift Aid. Gift Aid can then be brought up to date. JN would be signed up for online banking. RH is keeping hard copies of all treasurer’s statements and related information. RH to circulate current financial statements. We currently have £4,565 in the bank. Taking projected expenditure on projects for the rest of the year into account, it was agreed to make a quarterly donation of £1500 to the Museum at this point. (Prop DW, sec RH, agreed unanimously).

6. Membership Secretary’s report: already circulated. We have 250 voting members and the renewal rate is very high: RH to calculate the percentage. EC is making a list of renewing members for the AGM. The meeting recorded its thanks to EC for all her hard work which is essential to the organisation.

7. Publicity and marketing report: newsletter already circulated and rapidly generated donations for Project Open Sesame. Twitter is working well: we have 5500 followers. We have 2500 followers on Facebook. Some of the newsletter content will be reprinted in the local newspaper (The Blowhole) and we also had content in the BAFM newsletter.

8. Project Open Sesame: NM and JN reported. A sample door was shown to the meeting. KG will arrange for pictures to be put on the website and NM will take a door to moots and other meetings to fundraise. Steve has been issued with a contract for the work. All were thanked for their work on the project.

9. Education project update: DW reported in JV’s absence. DW circulated JV’s progress reports. The project was on target for launch at the AGM. The meeting discussed the need to publicise the project to the education sector once it is complete. KG to ask JV for a piece of writing about the project for publicity purposes.

10. AGM:

1. Notification of meeting to be sent by 9th October 2013. EC to post hard copies and send emails. EC indicated that she would like to stand as a trustee. The meeting welcomed this. People need to confirm their attendance for numbers. KG to add a flyer re the speakers. Remind them they need to be paid up members to vote. Accounts to be circulated with this (RH to do).

2. All trustees to prepare a short report to speak from at the meeting. Financial statements and membership reports to be presented in writing. JN to prepare and print the agenda.

3. All speakers have been organised and booked in and informal music arranged for the evening. The musicians (Jane’s Secret Band) will be paid expenses (about £200). Speakers: Julian Vayne, Adele Gardner, Fiona Candlin, Steve Patterson. KG to get raffle tickets. KG will sell tickets for the May event at the AGM. Stalls: JN, DW, Steve Patterson, Philippa and Angela, Jane and Gemma.

Trustees of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft

Minutes of meeting of the trustees held on 9th June 2013 at 2, Bridge Cottages, Dulford

(Note: these minutes are 'Draft' until approved at the next meeting)

Present: Deborah Westmancoat (Chair), Judith Noble (Secretary), Richard Hatch (treasurer), Nick Miller, Kerriann Godwin, Julian Vayne.

In attendance: Emma Chopping (Membership secretary)

1. Apologies: none.

2. Minutes of last meeting: approved.

3. Matters arising: none.

4. Chair’s report: Constitutional issues agreed at last meeting have all been actioned. Work on the education project is ongoing.

Secretary’s report: JN is continuing to receive information from BAFM: trustees are welcome to attend BAFM SW or national conferences if they wish.

5. Treasurer’s report:

The bank balance at 31st May was £4,801. During the meeting an additional sum of £925.37 was transferred from the Paypal account, giving a current total balance of £5726. 37. We have finally been able to implement online banking and can now make electronic payments. All payments will be made electronically if possible in future. Year-end accounts should be as indicated at last meeting. RH has not yet been able to investigate direct debit membership payments but suspects that we will not be able to do this: we are probably too small. EC also pointed out from her experience of this that we would probably not be able to undertake the level of admin and compliance work required. RH will check on this so that we can report back to the AGM. The next major task is to get up to date with Gift Aid payments.

6. Membership secretary’s report: EC has circulated her report (attached with these minutes). We currently have 258 voting members. We have members from across the UK and internationally, with a preponderance of people in Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. We have received approximately £580 in additional donations from renewing members, and a substantial number of donated postage stamps. We have renewed the BM Box. EC is receiving very positive letters and donations from new members and people using the museum for research. It was noted that Museum staff are encouraging researchers at the Museum to donate to Friends and/ or join. This was welcomed. The Chair thanked EC for her work and especially her help at the May 19th event. JN reported that she had checked to position re Data Protection and we cannot keep database records of lapsed members for more than 6 months.

7. Events and publicity report: KG reported that the May 19th event had gone well and the AGM (9th November) is now being planned. Speakers: Adele Gardner (Frieda Harris). Julian Vayne and an advisor (education project), Steve Patterson (his research on Cecil Williamson) and Fiona Candlin (spirit of place in Museums). Jane Cox has been approached re informal music for the evening. The next May event will be about death and ghosts. Graham has suggested a differential pricing structure for the May event with a discount for members. This may be a problem re Gift Aid and related issues; it might, however, be possible to offer discounted membership of Friends to people joining at the May event. This would encourage non-members to join. EC and RH to investigate this. The May event made a profit. KG was congratulated by the meeting for organising the May event. Content for next newsletter (deadline 20th July): JV to write something on education project. KG would approach Brian Hoggard to write something based on his talk at the May meeting. WE are still seeking assistance for KG re production of the newsletter.

8. Education project: JV has been discussing progress with Rob Bull (IT consultant). A blogger site has been created. So far we have photos of the objects plus questions. JV is currently looking at accessibility for schools. Secondary schools have restricted access to some parts of the internet. This means we will have to work out where we can store the film elements. JV is awaiting feedback from an advisor and will also trial the content with a secondary school teacher. The next issue will be marketing. JV will approach Dor Kemmyn and will also approach key schools in Devon. He spoke about the project to the Devon Museums Group Forum and there was considerable interest. JV will send a link to trustees to look at. It was thought this might be of interest to BAFM. JN suggested JV could use the PF to contact other interfaith education groupings in England and Wales. JV would also like to approach Amnesty International. RH asked JV if the project was on track financially. JV felt the original costings would be adequate. The issue of using the films was discussed in detail. JN suggested we might produce a DVD. DW suggested the issue of schools access to the internet could be discussed with Nick Westmancoat, who is able to advise on web applications. The first generation of the site will be ready for the newsletter deadline of 20th July. JV has set up a specific email address for the site so any queries will go there, and not to the Museum.

9. Graham’s proposal for children’s activities: KG presented a mock-up question box with a door that opens to reveal a question. These would be placed around the museum at different heights and in child-friendly locations. Graham is asking Friends to consider making this a major fundraising project. EC pointed out that children tend to like the gory, messy aspects of the Museum’s collection. It was agreed that Friends should support this as a major fundraising project. NM suggested that Moots should be contacted and asked if they would sponsor a “magical door”. We will need to identify the cost of the individual “doors”, how many, on what subjects and what size they will be. DW and NM suggested that we should work to a ballpark figure of £50 per door, if this is acceptable to Steve Patterson. We could prepare a leaflet for moots. NM to lead on this and JN to help.

10. Quarterly donation to the Museum: This was agreed in principle at the last meeting. RH noted our policy is to keep £1500 in reserve and we need to keep £1000 for the education project. It was agreed that we would donate £1200 for this quarter. Proposed RH, seconded DW, agreed nem. con. Funds were transferred online to the Museum’s account.

11. AGM planning: AGM date 9th November. At our next meeting on 15th September we will finalise the paperwork. This will need to go out by 9th October. Chair’s introduction will explain what Friends is, how it was established, what its relationship is with the Museum. All trustees to introduce themselves at the start of the day. Agreed to have feedback forms. Also agreed we would invite at least one of the student film makers to attend.

12. AOB: Graham will investigate selling membership through the Museum’s online shop and liaise with RH re how payment for this would work. People purchasing membership this way would need to authorise Friends to have their details. RH to discuss with Graham. The Chair thanked JN for hosting the meeting.

13. Date and place of next meeting: Sunday 15th September at the Museum of Witchcraft. An advisor will be invited to attend.

The Association of Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft CONSTITUTION


1. The name of the Association shall be “The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft”. It is hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.


2. The object of the Association shall be the education of the public by promotion, support, assistance and improvement of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft (hereinafter referred to as “the Museum”) in co-operation with its management and staff.

3. In furtherance of this object, but not otherwise, the Association may:

(a) raise money and invite and receive contributions to be applied to the Museum’s projects subject to clause 4;

(b) generally further the charitable purposes of the Museum and encourage the development of the facilities which it affords;

(c) appoint delegates and representatives and subscribe to any other bodies with whom the Association may be concerned;

(d) engage in, support and co-ordinate research, publishing, education, advertising and other charitable work for the furtherance of the said object;

(e) engage in any other lawful activities to promote the said object.

4. The Association shall not engage in any substantial permanent trading activities in raising funds for its charitable objects and shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law.


5. There shall be four categories of membership:

(a) Individual

(b) Youth

(c) Family

(d) Group

6. Individual membership shall be open to anyone who has attained the age of eighteen.

7. Youth membership shall be open to anyone under the age of eighteen.

8. Group membership shall be open to any groups who wish to join. Group members shall have two votes at Annual General Meetings.

9. All applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary or other appropriate Officer of the Association. The Committee may at their discretion exclude or remove from membership and person who for any reason is considered by the Committee to be unsuitable to be a member of the Association. Any person so removed from membership shall have the right to appeal to the Committee against such removal and the Committee may in their absolute discretion and without giving their reasons accept or reject such appeal.


11. The Committee shall consist of the following Honorary Officers and other Members:

(a) a Chairperson, who shall be responsible for ensuring that proper minutes of all meetings are kept by the Secretary or any other appropriate person;

(b) a Vice-Chairperson;

(c) a Secretary

(d) a Treasurer

(e) not more than six other members.

[any PAID officer of the Association may be invited to attend meetings and report to the Committee but may not be a Member of the Committee.]

12. Every Member of the Committee and the aforementioned Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to serve for a period of three years. Any Member of the Committee and the aforementioned Officers shall be eligible for re-election, except that the Chairperson shall not serve continuously for more than six years and may not be re-elected as Chairperson until after an interval of three years.

13. Every elected Member of the Committee must be a member of the Association who has attained the age of 18 and for whom the current subscription due has been paid.

14. The Director shall be, ex officio, a voting Member of the Committee, without needing election under Clause 12.

15. The Committee may co-opt not more than five additional persons as Observer Members of the Committee who shall have no vote in the Committee.

16. All Members of the Committee, except Co-opted observer Members, shall have one vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.


17. The Committee shall have the general management and direction of the funds and affairs of the Association, and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) may:

(a) Subscribe to another organisation or body, and nominate any member of the Association to serve as its representative on that organisation or body;
(b) pay the whole or part of reasonable and proper expenses any Member of the Committee in or about the execution of any function or duty on behalf of the Association;

(c) make, and from time to time vary, Rules for the Association which are not inconsistent with this Constitution;

(d) fill casual vacancies in its membership by additional co-options. Any person so co-opted shall retire at the next AGM but shall be eligible for election;

(e) establish an Executive Committee comprised of the Officers and up to two other Members, to manage the day to day business of the Association including routine expenditure. The executive Committee may meet as often as necessary. A quorum shall be three. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Committee fully and promptly as soon as possible provided that the Executive Committee shall not spend any funds of the Association otherwise than in accordance with a budget agreed by the Committee.

18. The Committee may suspend any member who fails to attend four consecutive meetings of the Committee.


19. The rates of annual subscriptions for the different categories of membership of the Association shall be such sums as may be set by vote at the AGM.

20. Annual subscriptions are payable at any time of year and run for twelve calendar months from the date of issue. Members whose subscriptions are not paid by the start of the AGM shall forfeit their right to vote. Members whose subscriptions are twelve months in arrears shall automatically be excluded from membership.


21. All funds and assets in the possession of the Association shall be held, paid out and applied as the Committee may direct in furtherance of the objects of the Association. Pending such direction all funds shall be held in a separate bank account (or accounts) in the name of the Association with such bankers as the Committee may from time to time direct.

22. All cheques drawn on such bankers shall be signed by any two of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer. All documents requiring endorsement shall be sufficiently endorsed if signed by any one of them.

23. The Committee may invest such funds as are not required to be immediately available for meeting the Association’s liabilities. Such investment may be in gilt-edged securities or on deposit with a bank or building society, or in such other investments authorised by law for charities as the Committee may decide after taking appropriate professional advice.

24. An auditor or auditors, who need not be members of the Association, shall be appointed at the AGM provided that such an auditor or auditors shall not be Members of the Committee.


Annual General Meeting

25. The AGM of the Association, of which not less than 30 day’ notice shall be given to all members by the Secretary, shall be held on a date to be decided by the members at the preceding AGM each year.

26. The business of the AGM shall be:

(a) to receive reports from the Chairperson and Officers;

(b) to receive and approve the annual accounts and to appoint Auditors;

(c) to elect the Officers and other Members of the Committee;

(d) to consider any other business of which due notice has been given in writing to the Secretary not less than ten days before the date of the meeting.

Other General Meetings

27. The Committee may at any time, and shall within 28 days of receiving a request in writing from any twenty members who have attained the age of 18, convene a Special General Meeting. Not less than 14 days’ notice, specifying the business to be transacted, shall be given by the Secretary to each member.

Committee Meetings

28. Committee meetings shall be held at least two times each year or more frequently if the Committee deem necessary.


29. A quorum shall consist:

(a) at a General Meeting, 20 of the members who have attained the age of 18;

(b) at a Committee meeting, of one third of the elected Members of the Committee.


30. In the absence of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, those attending shall elect a Chairperson from among their number.

Notice of Meeting

31. Notices to members shall be deemed sufficiently served if sent by ordinary post, or hand-delivered by an authorised member of the Association to the address of the member registered in the records of the Association.


32. No alteration may be made to this Constitution except by and with the authority of a resolution passed by a majority of members who have attained the age of 18, present and voting at a General Meeting. Any proposal for amendment shall be made in writing and be in the hands of the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the minimum period of the notice of the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward. No alteration may be made to Clauses 2, 3, 4, 32, 33 or 34 without the prior consent in writing of, in England and Wales, the Charity Commission; in Scotland, the Inland Revenue FICO (Scotland); in Northern Ireland, the Charities Branch of the Department of health and Social services.

33. No alteration may be made to this Constitution which would cause the Association to cease to be a charity in law.


34. The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting held in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution. Thereafter the Committee shall pay the surplus funds of the Association to such other charitable institutions as the Committee shall determine after consultation with the Museum and with approval of, in England and Wales, the Charity Commission; in Scotland, the Inland Revenue FICO (Scotland); in Northern Ireland, the Charities Branch of the Department of Health and Social Services.

35. In the event of the Association being wound up, no membership fees will be returned.

FBMW trustees meeting 12 1 13: draft minutes

Present: Judith Noble, Nick Miller, Richard Hatch, Deborah Westmancoat, Julian Vayne, Kerriann Godwin

In attendance: Emma Chopping

JN took the chair for items 1, 2 and 3.

1. Apologies: Lyn Baylis

2. Matters arising: none

3. JN proposed DW as Chair, seconded NM; approved unanimously. DW then took the Chair.

4. Chair’s report: DW thanked everyone for their work and support since the AGM and thanked JV for hosting the meeting. EH’s resignation as Chair was received and has been accepted. EH had raised some concerns with DW, to be discussed elsewhere on the agenda. The meeting wished to record its thanks to EH for her work as Chair. LB has decided she would like to resign as a trustee: she cannot get to meetings easily from Sussex but would still like to be involved as a volunteer. It was agreed that her existing work liaising with the PF and other Pagan and community organisations was very valuable. The meeting wished to record its thanks to LB. DW will update our entry on the Charity Commission website to reflect these changes.

5. It was agreed that our three priorities this year would be to establish effective working systems, the education strategy, and the May event and the AGM.

6. Secretary’s report: JN reported that she had obtained forms from CAF bank to change signatories on the account and send statements to the treasurer. These forms were passed on to RH and DW to complete and will be returned to JN for forwarding to CAF. She has spoken with Martin Shepheard who would be sending all the statements he has to her and any additional financial information pertaining to his term as treasurer that he can find. Communications and information: JN will put in place proper communication systems so that agendas are sent out in advance of meetings and minutes produced as soon as possible afterwards. The annual cycle of meetings (3 plus AGM) will be planned at the start of the year. She will also establish a complete list of trustees contact details and hold all the necessary passwords and related information re the bank account and the Charity Commission and provide copies for all trustees. She reminded trustees of the annual cycle of work that the trustees carry out: the period between January and march is spent planning the year ahead, setting priorities etc and in March we review the use of funds over the financial year. The treasurer works on the accounts at the end of March. In recent years we have held a day event in May. We also begin planning the AGM in earnest then and our early autumn meeting is largely taken up with organising all constitutional etc matters to do with the AGM. Notification of the AGM has to be sent out to all members 28 days in advance of the meeting. This will include details of any trustee elections and members are invited to propose agenda items which must be received 14 days before the meeting. The AGM takes place in November, with all trustees and officers present and Museum staff in attendance. The AGM has to formally approve the accounts for the preceding financial year. Following the AGM any constitutional and personnel changes are implemented and the treasurer sends our annual financial statement to the Charity Commission. These are the “functional” things that we have to do. In addition, the processing of memberships and subscriptions takes place throughout the year (with a peak in the spring and summer) and our treasurer applies for GiftAid at regular intervals. We publish a members’ newsletter twice a year and carry out extensive publicity and promotional work. JN requested that from this point on the Chair and trustees should plan the content of the AGM in its autumn (September meeting) so that she can get notification and any other essential documentation sent out to members as early as possible in October, and before the 28 day notification deadline.

7. Treasurer’s report: RH to draft a statement on our financial procedures for the next meeting. This will not only provide clear information for trustees as to how we operate but will also be posted on our website. The 2011-2 accounts and annual return have been filed with the Charity Commission. The meeting thanked RH for all the work he has done as treasurer since taking up the post. It was agreed to wait until RH is receiving bank statements before making any further funding commitments.

8. Membership report: EC circulated her report (attached). Rolling renewals have now been implemented and are working well. She will also write to ex-members to see if they would like to re-join. JN asked EC to check how long ex-members details can be kept on file re Data Protection acts etc, and to check that it was okay for us to write to ex-members. It was agreed that memberships would be deemed to have lapsed three months after failure to renew. RH asked how the Museum checks members’ cards. (EC to ask for this info). EC isn’t currently getting Paypal info; JV and EC to sort this out. The meeting expressed it thanks to EC for taking over as membership Secretary and carrying out the work so efficiently.

9. DW suggested that we should consolidate and not co-opt or appoint new trustees at present until needs / skills gaps etc have been identified. Agreed.

10. Current roles: DW: Chair, RH: treasurer, JN: secretary; JV: education and professional museum practice; KG: publicity, marketing and events. The Chair, treasurer and Secretary will be signatures to the CAF bank account. JN proposed NM should be appointed Vice Chair, seconded RH. Approved unanimously. JN asked for all trustees to send her details of their roles which she will collate into a paper for discussion at next meeting. The concerns which EH had raised with DW about KG’s position as a trustee were discussed. JN reminded the meeting that this had been checked with the Charity Commission before KG had stood as a trustee and this had not been a problem. The sole purpose of the Friends is to raise funds to support the work of the Museum Of Witchcraft. The Museum’s director is KG’s partner but he has never derived any direct personal benefit from the Friends’ activities, nor would it be possible for him to do so. There is therefore no problem with KG taking part in decisions to provide funds to the Museum as a) this is the purpose of the charity, b) her partner derives no benefit from them and c) all decisions to support projects have to be made by a clear majority of trustees. If the Chair deemed that in a specific instance there was a conflict of interest involving KG or any other trustee, and the meeting agreed that this was the case, then that trustee would be asked to leave the room whilst the matter was debated and voted on. To date, this had never happened. It was agreed that we would go with this advice and that KG’s position as a full, voting trustee was not in question. The trustees are very mindful that the Museum itself is not a publicly-owned charity. They take this into account in reaching all decisions. Trustees also have to operate from a basis of trust and are expected to declare any potential conflicts of interest. Trustees had approved KG signing one cheque to the Museum on 3 1 13 because she and JN were the only available signatories following EH’s resignation and the decision to support the project in question had already been made by the trustees. She will no longer be a bank signatory once the changes to the account now in progress have been implemented.

11. Trustees discussed issues around the purchase of tourism leaflets in relation to our charitable remit, and trustees’ concerns about this, the Charity Commission etc. In March 2012 we agreed to cover the costs of printing and distributing the Museum’s advertising leaflets to tourism outlets. A majority of trustees had had concerns that this was right on the edge of our charitable remit, and that it did not really fit with the definition of access and outreach that we work to. However, the Museum needed the funds at very short notice at the beginning of its season and there was no other source of support available. It had therefore been agreed that we would do this on a once-only basis and the then Chair (EH) was tasked with discussing this decision with the Museum’s Director and working with him to identify other major areas of expenditure which the Friends would be better able to support, thus freeing up the Museum’s own funds for future leaflet purposes. Unfortunately this discussion had not taken place before EH resigned in November 2012. The Museum had therefore not been made aware of the trustees views on this matter and had assumed that further support for leaflets would be forthcoming. The Museum had mad e a further funding request for leaflets for the 2013 season in December 2012. AS this request had been made in good faith, trustees had again agreed to support these costs, but the same concerns remained. NM proposed, seconded JV that we should not purchase tourism leaflets in future and this was agreed unanimously. It was further agreed that trustees should have a discussion with the Museum Director about how Friends’ funds can be used and that this might include contributing to education work/ posts and conservation-related running costs. Friends would be prepared to commit to major expenditure under these headings which were felt to be better aligned with our charitable remit, and this would free up other Museum funds to be used for leaflets and other advertising. It would also be useful if we could revisit with Graham the issue of purchasing objects for the collection. JV pointed out that perceived problems about items on long term/ permanent loan were no longer considered issues in the museum world. Agreed DW, JV and JN would meet with Graham. DW reported that the Museum Director had identified help with the costs of dehumidification as an area where Friends’ support would be helpful. He was currently trialling a new dehumidification system in one cabinet: this trial was going well. The cost of extending this system to the whole museum would be around £2000. As this system is not a fixed part of the building, it was agreed that it would fall within Friends’ remit and in-principle support was agreed, subject to funds being available and other priorities (ie the education strategy) being met. It was also agreed that this project could be funded retrospectively if necessary.

12. JV reported on the education strategy. JV had prepared an update which will be circulated with the minutes. The strategy will relate the Museum’s collection to Key Stage 3 of the school curriculum and will provide a resource for teachers on citizenship and related aspects of the curriculum. The Chair reported that the Museum Director wished to make it known to the trustees that he was strongly in favour of this project and felt that it would be of immense value to the Museum and to Friends. It would demonstrate a clear commitment by the Museum and by Friends to education and outreach. The Chair thanked JV and IJ for their work. DW and RH to check the position re Charity Commission and paying JV for consultancy. Proposed RH, seconded NM that if this is acceptable to the CC we go ahead and agree in principle funds up to £1000 (once we are clear that these are available; see item 7 above), as recommended in JV and IJ’s paper. Agreed unanimously.

13. Newsletter: next edition will be out at end of March. DW to write something about changes to trustees. JV to do an article on the education strategy. KG to do AGM update. Deadline for copy: 15th March. KG asked trustees to send her any amendments to the Friends leaflet design asap as she will soon be ordering more. She is also going to change the design of the membership cards to make them easier to use and will liaise with EC about this.

14. May event: 18th May. JN to speak about her new book and have evening book launch. Other potential speakers: Geraldine Beskin, Simon Costin re magic lantern project, poppet research.

15. 2013 AGM: Saturday 9th November. Evening music from Kate and Corwen. The focus of the meeting will be on the education strategy (introduced by JV and IS). Potential other speakers speakers: Corwen on song and spell in the Museum collection, shoe museum.

16. Dates of future meetings: 23rd March, 8th June, 7th September.




Our rolling membership renewals started slowly from December and we have already had 2 renewing. The majority still come up for renewal in April.

Please can we redesign the membership cards for the new year.

I am still not receiving e-mails direct for enquiries or paypal.

Our end of year membership breakdown is:

Individual memberships: 118

Family memberships: 61 (122 votes)

Institutional: 3 (6 votes)

Making a total of 246 voting members.

Payment type:

Cheque: 78

Paypal: 62

Cash: 41

New: 68

Renewed: 114

Emma Chopping

Membership Secretary



17TH AUGUST 2012


1 Welcome

Present: Elayne Hoskin (Chair), Kerriann Godwin, Richard Hatch (Treasurer), Lyn Sharland

Apologies: Judith Noble, Julian Vayne, Deborah Westmancoat, Nick Miller

2 Minutes of Last Meeting

The Minutes of the last meeting had been previously approved. Elayne Hoskin (EH) to reforward to Kerriann Godwin (KG) for placing on website. Matters arising and not covered at this meeting:

· Membership for Martin Shepheard. It was thought that Martin’s home circumstances meant that he would not be visiting Cornwall in the foreseeable future. It was proposed and accepted by all present that the membership start date should be decided by Martin, and that EH should inform him of same.

· Membership as gift. It was agreed that purchase from the Museum would entail staff there picking an appropriate card from stock.

· Film. It was agreed that Judith Noble (JN) would carry this forward.

3 Finance

· Richard Hatch (RH) confirmed that the draft accounts for the last year were acceptable.

· Lyn Sharland (LS) agreed to collect outstanding finance files from Martin Shepheard and to deliver same at November’s AGM. All present thanked her.

· Bank mandate forms were completed by EH, RH and (KG). It was agreed that the forms should be hand delivered to JN for completion, and that RH would forward the necessary copy ID to JN by post. It was further noted that DW had asked to become a bank signatory: this would be undertaken by completing a further mandate adding DW at the next meeting.

· Electronic banking. It was thought that electronic banking could start as soon as RH was confirmed as the point of contact by the bank.

· RH confirmed that the account presently stood at approximately £6,000 but that that did not include the two latest cheques.

· RH queried whether petty cash was drawn as a cheque or provided from cash. Information to be forwarded to RH.

4 Trustee Matters

· It was confirmed that Emma Chopping (EC) was now the Membership Secretary. She had been a member of the Friends since its inception, and had undertaken a similar role for the Devon & Cornwall PF.

· Trustees present discussed whether there should be a trustee whose continuing remit was membership. It was agreed that this matter needed to be carried forward for discussion with all trustees.

· It was confirmed that RH would be formally nominated at the AGM. It was agreed that present trustees would support his nomination.

5 Administration

· Cheques for DW and the Museum signed and given to KG for delivery.

· It was agreed that, for the present interim period, payments would continue to be discussed and agreed by trustees: cheque drawing confirmed by EH to JN and RH: cheques to be drawn by JH.

· It was noted that the board needed sight of the 2011 AGM draft minutes. KG agreed to chase up.

· It was agreed that all trustees would find a year calendar for meetings helpful. RH suggested that Trustee Meetings should take place at the end of the month following the end of each quarter, allowing for quarterly presentation of finances etc and building an ability to compare like for like. All present agreed. See 9 below for meeting dates.

· Draft minutes for this meeting to be available within a fortnight.

· Publishing minutes on the website was discussed. It was agreed that it might be more appropriate to publish a prĂ©cis/digest of the outcomes rather than complete minutes. EH to provide same to KG for this meeting.

6 Funding

A lengthy discussion about funding came to the following decisions:

· The board should seek to find a way to provide a standard quarterly payment to the museum as a draw down fund to cover a range of pre-agreed items. Items could include – Mylar sleeves and other conservation & preservation items: support for the online catalogue: purchases.

· The board should support an education access programme, and, in the first instance, needed to gain more knowledge of this area. It was suggested and agreed that the board should seek to appoint someone to provide a report on Education & Access.

· It was agreed that the Friends should agree to a funds spending programme that would limit the amount held in the bank account and aim to be both responsive and strategic.

7 Membership

Due to changes in the administration of membership issues there was no membership report for this meeting.

8 Press & PR

KG reported that the museum had been covered in a number of media, subjects being – the electric car: the return of the Gardner materials from the USA: short story competition.

Twitter and Facebook continued to be used.


KG agreed to sort out a query regarding EC and Paypal.

No other business.

10 Date of Next Meeting

Mid October 2012. End January: April: July 2013. If agreed by trustees dates to be agreed by email.

AGM – 10th November 2012.

eh 25.8.2012

To view accounts click here (pdf)

Meeting of the
Boscastle, 26th April 2012

Chair’s Welcome

Apologies received from Martin Shepheard (MS), Lyn Sharland (LS), Julian Vayne (JV), Nick Miller (NM).

Present: Elayne Hoskin (EH), Deborah Westmancoat (DW), Kerriann Godwin (KG), Judith Noble (JN). Present from Agenda item 4 onward: Richard Hatch (RH).

Minutes of Last Meeting

Agreed that all items carried forward to this meeting.

Trustee Matters

Martin Shepheard’s resignation email discussed, and his resignation accepted. All present agreed that the Trustees thanks should be sent to MS: EH to undertake. KG stated that the Museum of Witchcraft wished to purchase a year’s membership of the Friends as a thank you to Martin. All present stated their support for this offer: EH to make offer, DW and KG to carry this forward.

JH proposed Richard Hatch as a board appointed trustee, DW seconded: all present voted to support the proposal. It was agreed that this appointment would be put before members at the next AGM in the usual manner. It was proposed that RH act as treasurer, this was supported by all present and would be discussed further under Agenda Item 5, Finance and Financial Matters. This was supported by all present.

It was noted that absent trustees had had the opportunity to see information about Richard Hatch – MS had not been included in the process, as he was standing down. LS abstained, NM voted for and JV stated that he would have voted with majority of trustees.

Richard Hatch joined the meeting and was welcomed by all present.


Trustee roles were discussed. DW to stand down as membership secretary by AGM (latest): JN to continue role as keeper of papers etc: KG to continue with Newsletter and press/pr matters: RH to act as treasurer.

DW was thanked for her work on membership, including building a new membership admin system as well as leading a membership drive that had led to a year on year increase in membership numbers.

A general discussion about how to cover membership matters ensued, and it was agreed that the next newsletter should carry an appeal to members for a volunteer to cover membership and also that DW and KG would go through membership to identify any possible leads.

Finance & Financial Matters

MS had offered to complete Accounts for last year, and this offer was accepted by all present.

EH to contact all necessary parties/organisations to facilitate a change in cheque signatories (presently MS, EH, JN, KG: action – MS to be taken off, RH to be added. DW subsequently asked to be included as an account signatory: accepted).

RH confirmed that he would provide a finance statement for all future meetings and it was agreed that he should arrange for electronic banking as a matter of urgency.

Gift as membership: it was agreed that an “experience” type membership would not be practical, but that a membership supplied within a gift card would be easy to organize. Various options discussed, as the Museum carries a range of cards it was agreed that a card appropriate to the season/ occasion should be used. KG, DW, EH to carry forward.


DW provided a membership report.

No complaints or suggestions had been received from members since the last report.

Rolling membership was now in place. 139 members have renewed so far (breakdowns re types of membership and geographical spread supplied). Close membership discussed: Cornwall and Devon well represented, other South West counties less so. Agreed to push memberships in those counties: DW, KG and JN to work on a list of possible/suitable events for a membership push.

Membership on target. Electronic banking would assist both admin and numbers.

Income from membership was £2845: it was noted that this included associated donations of £260.

Various events eg BAFM meetings discussed. In line with previous years – it had proved useful for trustees to attend events to gain both information and support membership numbers. Agreed to continue, JH to continue to maintain list of events, trustees to opt in as required.

Press and PR Matters

Membership event discussed and KG thanked for her hard work. It was agreed that the event had been a success.

AGM paperwork etc on target.

Newsletter on target.

Any Other Business

Moving image used at the Membership event was discussed. It was agreed that the Friends would support the acquisition of moving image material to support its work and further agreed that JH should approach the regional film archive: it was accepted that it was likely that there would be a cost involved.

Date of Next Meeting
It was agreed that the date of the next meeting should be decided by email, but that it should take place before the end of summer.

eh 4.7.2012, amended 24.7.2012

The Annual General Meeting of


Held at The Waterloo Hotel

Boscastle on the 19th November 2011

Present: Judith Noble, (JN) Kerriann Godwin,(KG) Deborah Westmancoat,(DW)) Helena Sharland.(HS) Julian Vayne,(JV) Nick Miller (NM)

Apologies: Adrian Bryn-Evans, Martin Shepheard, Elayne Hoskins, Michael Howard.

Welcome: The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Item 1. Acceptance of The Minutes of the previous AGM

These having been previously circulated to the meeting. There were no matters arising and the minutes were passed Nem Con .

Item 2. Approval of Accounts

In the absence of the treasurer the accounts were circulated to the meeting. The President/Chair(JN) took this opportunity to explain to the membership that MS our treasurer was unable to attend the meeting as his wife, Sally, was awaiting an operation and she sent Sally all good wishes from the committee. DW listed a number of groups and individuals who had donated to the Friends during the past year, and thanked them all for their hard work and support. She stated that with additions to the bank account since the preparation of the accounts, there was now a balance of £5875.58 in the bank account. There being no queries Bridgett Ariel voted for the accounts to be approved and this was seconded by Simon Costin. The vote was passed nem com.

Item 3. To set subscriptions for the year.

The membership secretary DW proposed that subscriptions should be retained at the current figure for the following year. The proposal was put to the membership by Dee Pearce, seconded by Lizzy Atkin, and passed nem con.

A discussion arose on the introduction of a rolling membership subscription. DW suggested that this proposal should be investigated by the trustees who would come back to the membership with their recommendations at the next AGM. This was agreed nem con

DW stated that the size of membership cards had also been raised previously, and it was agreed that the committee would consider this subject.

Item 4. Election of Trustees.

The Chair of the committee (JN) announced that she was standing down, and that the committee had unanimously agreed that they would like Elayne Hoskins as the new Chair. Unfortunately, Elayne was very ill and therefore unable to attend the AGM. A letter from her was read by the Chair giving a brief CV to the membership promising to bring her Charity knowledge and expertise to the role. She was elected in her absence as the new Chair Nem Con.

KG, DW and HS were due to retire but as there were no new trustees standing, they were asked to stand again and were returned unopposed. Each trustee then gave a short appraisal of their work during the year.

Item 5 A.O.B

v On behalf of the committee and the membership DW thanked the retiring Chair for all her hard work on behalf of Friends, and presented her with a bouquet of flowers as a token of the committees respect and thanks. JN thanked everyone for the flowers and promised to continue to work for the friends in the coming year.

v As the Friends membership leaflet was due to be reprinted it was suggested that the title should be more visible, the committee agreed that they would look at this.

v Graham thanked the Friends for their work during the year particularly their assistance in the procurement of specialist museum materials for conservation and preservation, archive equipment, projector and screen, together with other necessary equipment. He also announced that friends had enabled the purchase of a rare book Witchcraft Detected and Prevented dated 1820.

v The Chair thanked the staff of the museum, Hannah and Joyce, for their help organising speakers and arranging the days events, and also for their help with administration and the raffle on the day.

v It was agreed that the date of next years AGM would be advised to the membership asap.

v There being no other business the AGM finished at 5.20 pm.

September 2011

1 Chairs Welcome
Apologies had been received from Lyn Sharland and Martin Shepheard.

Present: Judith Noble, Deborah Westmancoat, Nick Miller, Kerriann Godwin, Elayne Hoskin, Julian Vayne (present for part of meeting).

2 Minutes of the Last Meeting

All present accepted the last minutes as a correct record.

3 Finances

It was noted that MS had submitted a finance report prior to this meeting.

a It was agreed that to facilitate administrative issues, copies of the ebanking statements would be send to the Chair, who will then circulate as appropriate.
b It is understood that the previous Co-operative Bank account is now closed (as per the resolution at the last trustees meeting) and that all monies have been transferred to the Friends new CAF account.
c It was restated that any queries about the running of the Friends – whether about finances or any other matter – must be referred to the Chair, as per guidelines established by the Charity Commission.
d Paypal. It was agreed that the second named user for Paypal should be DW. It was noted that the initial security checks required by Paypal had yet to be completed. JN to email MS, DW and KG re completing this step.
e It was noted that trustees currently registered as in association with the CAF account were: JN, KG, MS, EH. It was further noted that changes at AGM would change this listing to: EH, KG, DW, MS.
f Agreed payments to the Museum. Cheques for £400 and £1700 for previously agreed items would shortly be sent: in future these types of payments would be undertaken electronically.
Approximately £500 was due to be paid in.
g GiftAid. The situation was unclear re claiming GiftAid. JV offered to liaise with MS and then undertake any necessary outstanding work to facilitate the claiming of GiftAid.
h BAFM meeting. Four trustees were attending, cheque required for tickets. JN to undertake.
i Petty Cash. New petty cash system working well, will be supported electronically.

4 Membership

DW asked the meeting to note that she needed to reduce time spent on membership. It was agreed that JN should take over correspondence re donations: KG held the back up list: changes re banking outlined above needed to take place urgently. These measures should reduce the time DW needed to devote to membership issues. She agreed to continue as membership secretary for the time being.

All present thanked DW for her work on membership.

DW reported

a Membership presently stood at 191, and was therefore on track to equal last year’s final figure of 221.
b Of the memberships, two were group memberships and family membership was increasing.
c It was noted that the Friends leaflet needed some minor changes and also needed refreshing. KG to oversee changes/refreshing and the new print run.

5 Events

It was noted that trustees would be attending the following events:
PF Conference, BAFM, Witchfest, GlastonburyWitches Market.


Email notice of AGM would be sent ASAP, using the membership list as held by DW/KA.
There were concerns re venue capacity and possible numbers attending. Members would therefore be asked to confirm whether they would be attending.
JN confirmed that she would be standing down as Chair at the forthcoming AGM and staying on as a trustee.
EH to become Chair as that point.
DW to become Vice Chair: MS to remain as Treasurer.

7 Website & Publicity
Blog on Friends site to be stood down: link provided to blog on Museum’s site.
JV to discuss website with members at AGM.
(JV left the meeting).

NM to provide music information to KG.

It was noted that trustees were not being advised of all events being held in support of the Friends. All present agreed to restate the necessity of support events etc being put before the trustees.

9 Date of Next Meeting
It was agreed that the next trustees meeting would be held in January 2012, actual date to be agreed at the AGM.

15th May 2011, 10:00
Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies received from: Martin Shepheard: Lynn Sharland, Julian Vayne

Present: Judith Noble (chair): Elayne Hoskin: Kerriann Godwin: Deborah Westmancoat: Nick Miller.

Judith Noble (JH) noted that this was Nick Miller’s (NM) first meeting as a trustee. All present welcomed him to the Board.

2. Minutes of last meeting
Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising
All Matters arising were covered elsewhere.

4. Officers reports

a) Chair's report
JH reported that the Celebration & Book Launch on previous day (15.5.11) had gone extremely well, and was a credit to the organisers. She had had a very helpful meeting with Simon Costin of the Folk Museum.

b) Treasurer's report
Martin Shepheard (MS) had previously sent draft end of year accounts (2010/11) and other financial information by email. It was noted that Gift Aid for the year would be reclaimed at a later date. Elayne Hoskin (EH) proposed that the draft accounts be accepted, Kerriann Godwin (KG) seconded. Unanimously accepted.
The change of bank to CAF would shortly be completed. Until such time all cheques and cash to be held. MS would undertake all bank-associated work including ebanking. JH and Deborah Westmancoat (DW) to hold back up copies etc for ebanking.
JH reported a cheque had gone missing in the post: it was agreed that this cheque should be cancelled.

c) Membership Secretary’s report
DW reported 122 membership renewals: at same point last year numbers stood at 44. Final numbers last year stood at 223, it seemed likely that that number would be exceeded this year. It was noted that membership matters should be carried forward as an agenda item for the next meeting.
KG gave her thanks to DW for her work, all present concurred.

d) Publicity and marketing report
KG tabled draft press released for upcoming events etc. Latest newsletter discussed, KG requested items for next – JN to provide material. Possible next book: the Museum as a start point for creative writing.

5.Update from the Museum Director
Graham King joined the meeting. He reported:
· Concerns about the three dehumidifiers currently in the Museum. They were approximately seven years old, and required a great deal of ongoing care and attention. It was envisaged that they would require replacing in the very near future.
· In addition, the electricity costs for the dehumidifiers was approximately £1,000 per annum.
· Problems with Data Loggers (used to track environmental conditions). A number had had batteries etc replaced, but still were not working properly. The manufacturers were investigating, but it seemed likely that most of the current Data Loggers would need replacing in the very near future.
· Students from the USA would, again, be spending time at the Museum. Their main focus would the Cutting Files, which would create an increased need for Mylar files etc.

6. Strategy for 2011:

a) fundraising
As the 60th/50th Celebration Event had been a success, it was agreed that a further event should be undertaken before the AGM: September provisionally agreed, Steve Patterson to organise. Gift Box concept to be fully explored.

b) purchases, appeals etc
It was agreed that the focus for the year should be for environmental controls and monitoring, and that an appeal should be launched to provided for same (GK to provide appeal name). JH proposed following: DW seconded: all present assented.
· £2,000 for dehumidifiers. £1,000 to be made available immediately for purchase of one new machine, the balance to be made available later in the year.
· £1,000 for Mylar sleeves etc.

c) attendance at events etc
· BAFM South West. JH will definitely attend, other trustees may attend.
· Witchfest. Some issues regarding payment from last event: it was hoped that this could be overcome, and if so will attend again.
· Pagan Federation Anniversary Conference. JH to attend, other trustees may attend.
· Scottish & Irish Pagan Federation in Edinburgh. PR etc indicated that the FBMW should be looking to attend events in the North of England and beyond. It was noted that this conference in Edinburgh was well attended: date was Spring 2012, and a decision was held over.
· Events in Lancashire as noted above by GK. May be appropriate to attend, held over whilst awaiting further information.
· Further events to be discussed during the year.

7. 2011 AGM and Gathering: 19th November

JH confirmed that the FBMW required her to stand down as chair at the next AGM (position of chair to be held for two terms only). She proposed EH as the next chair: seconded by DW: all present assented. EH accepted the proposition, provided that those trustees not present confirmed their acceptance.

Possible talks etc.
· Tabitha Cadbury had agreed to talk on Folk Charms.
· A talk around the 60th/50th celebration was required.
· Simon Costain would provide a short update.
· EH was asked to reprise a previous film based talk, and agreed.
· Steve Patterson would be asked to give a talk based on Boscastle.
· It was noted that Stephen Pollington should also be considered as a possible.

8. AOB
· It was agreed that the Membership Secretary should draw down petty cash of £100 to cover eg purchase of stamps, paper etc. Best practice to be used re accounting for same.
· It was noted that increases in the price of petrol made the cost of attending this meeting close to prohibitive. It was unanimously decided that, for this meeting, trustees could reclaim travel costs. Subsequently, two trustees reclaimed petrol monies.

9. Date of next meeting
Date and time of next meeting to be agreed. The meeting closed at 1230.

Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on 4th December 2010

PRESENT: Judith Noble (JN), Kerriann Godwin (KG), Deborah Westmancoat (DW) and Martin Shepheard (MS) (Trustees) plus many Friends

Apologies for absence: Due to the inclement weather apologies had been received from many people too numerous to mention. Judith had received a letter from Adrian Bryn-Evans (Hon President) with apologies, and also from Julian Vayne (JV), Lyn Sharland (LS) and Elayne Hoskins (EH) (Trustees).

JN welcomed all who had managed to make it to Boscastle. Graham King has indicated his wish to retire in the next few years. JN thanked him for all his work over the years and the Friends had a debt of gratitude to him.

The Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting were read. Motion to adopt Proposed: Francilla Smart
Approved by the meeting.

There were no matters arising that were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.



JN gave Trustees report. Good year as membership increasing thanks to DW’s hard work. Trying to raise profile by attending various events. People visiting Museum impressed with new lighting. Active role in BAFM thanks to KG and DW. At end of meeting there would be a showing of a pleasing short film by Tom Chick on the Museum.


DW said a positive year target was 200 members against previous 97. Now 222 giving subscriptions of £4,235. Growing thanks to Friends of Friends hope for another 100 next year. Increase in Family membership up from 7 to 38, which was very good. DW thanked committee for support.


KG said trying to raise profile by spreading the word through various events. Friends attended Witchfest. Joyce’s book was published. “Moot with no name” offered additional publicity. Newsletter nearly all going via e-mail saving costs of about 90%. 60th Anniversary book now 75 -80% done hopefully going to print December to January. Will cover Cecil Williamson to flood. Book launch hopefully April.


As Lyn was absent report read by Beth. We are going to receive a portion of raffle proceeds from Witchfest. Lots of interest shown hopefully more members.


MS presented the accounts. Subs up those paying through Paypal pay extra £1 to cover charges, donations up. Insurance up as paid 2 years in one year. Outreach costs are for Witchfest, PF conference etc. Museum putting money from Tarot machine into donation box. Donation received at meeting from Willow Moon in Tintagel.

Gift Aid due to end this year so please try to pay subs before April.

Accounts be approved
Proposed: Simon
Seconded: Chris

Change bank to CAF due to problems with Co-Op.
Proposed: MS
Seconded: KG


Trustees proposed no increase.
Proposed: Sally Shepheard
Seconded: Brigit


Trustees propose to number of Trustees from 7 to 10 so additional Trustees can be appointed if required.

Proposed: JN
Seconded: MS



Proposed to amend membership categories. Corporate and Institutional to be discontinued. New Group membership to be implemented. Group to have 2 votes at AGM.



It is proposed to add:
“In the event of the Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft being wound up, no membership fees will be refunded.”


All the above require amendment to Constitution.

Proposed to move to Mid November from 2011.



Nick Miller proposed as an additional trustee.

Trustees seeking re-election.
JN (proposed MS, seconded EH)
EH (proposed JN, seconded DW)
JV (proposed DW, seconded JN)


Chris of Pagan Pride SW run events, schools, councils offered to do further fund raisers. (www.paganpride.co.uk for details)

Dates for diaries:
PF Conference 12th March
Wessex Conference in April at Glastonbury
Beltane Bash 2nd week of May.
Next AGM to be in Boscastle at date to be decided.

JN thanked all those who attended, Graham, KG and staff of Museum for the arrangements and the Wellington Hotel for the accommodation.

Meeting Closed

18th April 2010, Taunton
Trustees present, Judith Noble (JN), Deborah Westmancoat (SW), Kerriann Godwin (KG), Martin Shepheard (MS), Lyn Sharland (LS) , Elayne Hoskins (EH)

1. Apologies received from Julian Vayne, and Adrian Bryn Evans.

2. Minutes of the last committee meeting were read and the proposal to accept them was carried unanimously.

3. A request was received from Mike Howard to have copies of the AGM Minutes.
Agreed unanimously.

4. The Treasurers report was discussed, and accepted unanimously.

It was agreed that MS would contact paypal to look onto costs.

JN thanked MS for the work he had done in preparation of the accounts.

5. DW gave membership report. We are now up to 127 members

Vote was taken to change the leaflet making it clearer especially for gift aid, and to send newsletter by email. Carried unanimously

6. Life membership was raised but it was agreed that this would be discussed at the AGM

7. Kerriann reported on marketing:

Article for BFM had been done on membership update.

Twitter site had been set up, plus facebook which now has Friends page .

Thanks were given to Gina and Joe for the great job they did with website.

It was agreed that Pagan Dawn and Pentacle should be contacted.

Kerriann proposed that a film competition for students based around the museum should be set up with £250 prize for the best film on U tube. –The idea was approved in principal, but postponed until next year when the value of the prize and details of the assignment will be agreed. Unanimously agreed to postpone until next year.

8. Judith raised a discussion on the new book about the museum, history, people and artefacts. She described it as a really plush book with a 100 as a limited edition first print. Contributors were discussed. Plans for the book were agreed unanimously

9. The AGM date was set for Saturday 4th December 2011, to be held at The Wellington, Boscastle. Speakers were discussed but still to be finalised.
The meeting closed at 4.45

Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft Trustees Meeting Minutes
August 29 2009

Attendees: Judith Noble, Deborah Westmancoat, Kerriann Godwin, Martin Shepheard

Apologies: Julian Vayne, Elayne Hoskins, Adrian Bryn-Evans, Helena Sharland

1.Minutes from last meeting approved.

2. Judith Noble (JN) proposed to co-opt Martin Shepheard as trustee and treasurer – Kerriann Godwin (KG) seconded, Deborah Westmancoat (DW) voted yes. JN to contact other members for their vote.

3. JN to follow up an advisor re becoming a trustee

4. Professor Marion Cox has declined the offer to become a trustee

5. Finances
- DW to take in signatory form documentation w/c August 31 to finalise addition of KG & DW signatures to bank account
- KG to update incoming/outgoing spreadsheet then send to Martin Shepheard (MS) when his treasurer status approved by remaining trustees, & to pass over the receipts folder in October
- KG to post expenses folder to Adrian Bryn-Evans (AB-E)

6. Running costs and administrative expenditure
- It was agreed that running costs and administrative expenditure are currently at unsustainably high levels and must be reduced. FBMW exists to raise funds for the Museum; currently too much is spent on services for members and in running the organisation.
- The trustees considered a letter from Graham King detailing this expenditure over the last 18 months. It was noted that some items of expenditure were essential for the charity to function and would continue. There were:
Bank charges
BAFM membership and public liability insurance
Website/ internet costs: these will continue but KG will check current rates and level of service provided and report back.
It was also noted that recent efficiency savings have been implemented as follows:
Printing: these costs will in future be reduced to approximately £100 per annum as the newsletter is now printed in house and PDF copies are being promoted to members by KG. JN will in future print membership cards, Friends leaflets and newsletters on a materials only basis which will dramatically reduce costs.
Computer consumables: these costs are now negligible as mostprinting will now be done in house (see above)
Stationery and postage: these costs will be greatly reduced with take up of PDF newsletters but there will still be some costs for membership card postage and for members who still require hard copy newsletters.
Computer equipment: this was a one off cost. It was agreed that further major savings need to be made in the area of expenses claimed by trustees and the Hon President for attendance at meetings and the AGM

- :Travelling expenses:
- After discussion it was agreed that in future trustees and the Hon President will not claim for petrol and other travel costs. Meetings to be sited to keep costs down as much as possible and car sharing to be encouraged.
- Accommodation – trustees to pay own accommodation charges, Friends will only cover transport & accommodation for speakers at AGM
- Entertainment – only speakers meals will be paid

Petty Cash:
It was also agreed that the current petty cash system will be discontinued as it makes precise accounting difficult. The revisions to operating practices (see above) mean that there will in future be very few incidental costs for which reimbursement is required. In future all items of administrative expenditure are to be agreed with the Chair and treasurer in advance and then reimbursed on production of receipts in line with accepted good practice. JN will purchase advance supplies of stamps and envelopes if required.

7. Trustees Roles
- After some discussion it was agreed that roles be taken on to maximise the strengths of trustees, hence it has been decided that DW take on the role of database/membership officer, the reason being that DW’s husband Nick is a database analyst & has kindly offered to update the current version which has been developed by A B-E (please see letter from JN outlining details and reasons for the need to change)
- This will have the added benefit of freeing A B-E from the excess administration which he has been working on since the inception of Friends and allow him to concentrate on the Ambassadorial role of Honorary President.
- The trustees wished to place on record their thanks to A B-E for the immense amount of work he has done on maintaining the membership database.
- There will be a transition period while the transfer of information takes place so the mechanics of the transfer of roles will be subject to a different email.

8. New Friends Leaflets & membership cards
- KG to work on a new design for in-house printing which will incorporate a Gift Aid section in the body of the form & DW’s address

9. KG to organise a meeting with Jane Cox to discuss the website to make it more user friendly & informative.

10. KG was formally thanked for the new style newsletter.


Friends of The Museum of Witchcraft Trustees’ Meeting
19th April 2009

Judith Noble (Chair), Adrian Bryn-Evans (Hon President), Kerriann Godwin, Helena Sharland, DW
Apologies: Julian Vayne, Elayne Hoskin

1. Judith officially welcomed the three new trustees which were voted in at the Dec 2008 AGM
2. Judith to send a formal letter of invitation to Prof Marion Cox requesting her to become a trustee (following on from previous emails)
3. Judith to formally invite an advisor to become trustee
4. Judith happy to carry on as chair for up to two years & then happy to hand over to a new person
5. DW will take over as Treasurer. She would like it to be noted she is not a trained accountant but has basic bookkeeping skills and already acts as Treasurer for Wessex Pagan Federation. Adrian Bryn-Evans vouches for her proficiency in this particular task to date.
NB: a meeting with previous Treasurer Olwyn to be arranged by Judith ASAP to facilitate continuity and handover of specific tasks, in particular, Gift Aid.
6. Helena Sharland to act as Pagan Federation liaison – point of contact for sharing information, and has offered to help with any backlog of paperwork and attend BAFM appropriate conferences to feedback updates to the group.
7. Kerriann Godwin will focus on Press and publicity. Adrian to supply her with a publicity list (auctioned 20 April 2009)
8. Julian Vayne will continue with IT

1. £4,902. 65 currently in CO-Op Bank Account which comes entirely from memberships and donations
2. Some moneys are currently sitting in Paypal which need to be transferred to the bank account. KG to contact Julian to facilitate movement of moneys and ensure password for Paypal has been shared with at least one other trustee so that moneys can be transferred by more than one person.
3. DW to write a piece for the next newsletter incorporating financial situation.
4. DW and KG to be added as signatories to the bank account.
5. JN to renew BAFM membership w/c 20 April 2009
6. Graham King informed that he can spend up to an initial £1000 on archive items, mylar sleeves & other conservation equipment for reimbursement by Friends for 2009. This figure can be increased after consultation.

1. Press release to be sent to BAFM re 5 yrs on after the flood by KG by end May
2. 5yr follow up letter to be sent to post flood donors to update on museum news, what their money has gone towards and a Friends leaflet (by KG)
3. Existing Powerpoint presentation to be updated to include more info on Friends by KG. DW & HS to liaise with PF to look at distribution of presentation to PF groups & moots, or setting up talks by museum staff/Friends.
4. Researchers who use the museum are currently being asked to join Friends when using the library – ongoing.

1. KG to contact Jane Cox to update website & discuss possibility of transferring Dreamweaver files to KG so she can update it herself.
2. Photos of DW & HS taken to add to website
3. HS to email KG short profile of self for new Trustees page of Website
4. Twitter set up for museum
5. What are hosting costs for the site? KG to find out.

1. A B-E would like submissions by end July
2. Each new trustee to write a small biog/ how they became involved in museum
3. Ron Hutton (patron)to be asked to write a piece – JN to contact

1. Suggestions for speakers as follows: Simon Costin on his new Museum of British Folklore, Geraldine Beskin on Atlantis Bookstore & history with the museum, Emma Willoughby, Prof Lionel Sims (HS to make initial contact with him & inform A B-E of progress)
2. Museum of Witchcraft to develop a professional display stand for meetings to display Friends info as well as museum info & Occult Art Company museum retail.

1. Date of next meeting fixed at 12th July 2009
2. Formal thanks to Adrian & Ann Bryn-Evans for hosting the meeting

Friends of The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft
First Annual General Meeting Minutes Dec 2 2006

Levannah Morgan, Chairperson
Julian Vane, Vice-Chairperson
Graham King
Adrian Bryn-Evans, Secretary

Olwen Porter, Treasurer
Elayne Hoskin
Focus of the meeting:
Adoption of constitution

Election of Trustees

Application for charitable status


1. Membership – staff unable to be on the committee but able to attend meetings for information purposes

2. Committee members will not be paid but are able to claim back travelling expenses

3. Subscriptions will be due April 1st

4. Finance – A separate bank account to be opened, held by the friends, not the museum and it will be subject to an annual audit.

5. Standard charity constitution rules apply

6. Query raised re Clause 22: A suggestion made re having a codicil e.g., that the point in question needs to be discussed with the committee prior to signing. The committee will look at making amendments in the future but at present will adopt it until charitable status secured.

7. Amend Membership Clause 5 ‘Membership’ to read ‘four’ categories of membership instead of ‘three’.

8. Motion 1 – ‘It is hereby proposed that The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft adopts the draft constitution presented to this meeting.’

Proposed by Graham King

Seconded by Keith Yardy

Aye vote unanimous

9. Motion 2 – Annual Subscription Rates for The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft will be:

Individual Membership £20.00

Youth £10.00

Institutional £50.00

Corporate £100.00

In the case of individual & youth subscription after the end of September, 50% of the membership fee will be payable.

Proposed by graham King

Seconded by Adrian Bryn-Evans

Aye votes unanimous

10. Motion 3 – It is proposed that the following people are elected to the committee:

Levannah Morgan (Judith Higginbottom) Chair

Adrian Bryn-Evans Secretary

Olwen Porter Treasurer

Julian Vayne

Elayne Hoskin

Proposed by Graham King

Seconded by Joanie

Aye votes unanimous

11. Motion 4 – It is proposed that The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft will apply for charitable status

Proposed by graham King

Seconded by Brigitte

Aye votes unanimous

12. Motion 5 – It is proposed that the committee appoint an auditor when & if required

Proposed by Graham King

Seconded by Ralph Harvey

Aye votes unanimous

An informal brainstorming session was held after the formal part of the meeting. Notes taken separately.